Sky’s Breathing

Stars painting masterpieces

In the night sky.

10,000 angels watching now.

You’re not alone.

Night sky’s breathing.



Life is breath

And breath is life.

Breathe it in,

Awake, alive,





Circle dance

And circle round

Then circle back again.


Life is a circle

Circles in

Then circles out again.


Two circles joined

And crossing through

The flower of life


Connected Everywhere

If I went there

Where would I be?

Would I be

Here or there?

One in the same

No time domain



Her Path

She walks the path

It is her own,

No-one can follow there.

The gate is wide

To enter in

The truth is waiting there.


And once inside

The music changes,

All instruments tuned

To play a new melody.

A glorious sound

Rising up

For all to hear.


Colours of Sunset

The colours of the sunset

Yellow, pink

And purple too,

Spread across the horizon

Like a blanket

Thrown on water.


Tuck her in.

She sleeps now.


A magic web

Of threads and beads

A crystal

Centred there.

Capture darkness

Let through light

Bad dreams

Are held in there.


Close your eyes

Rest easy now

Sweet dreams

Are on their way.



Can you hear

The bells ring?

They call us in to dine.

A feast of truth

Awaits us,

The knowledge of all time.


Drink from the cup

And pass it round

Together we shall dine.

Captive in the Moment

Captive in the moment

Of magic,

Drums beating

Flutes playing

And dancing

Angels in.



High above it all

She joins in

The dance

Of ecstasy.

The Struggle

The struggle…

It was there inside,


All the smiles

And pretension.

A mask of many faces

Worn on many occasions

Painted, plastic

What a masterpiece

It was then.


Now when rising up

There is no need for masks

Or pretension.

All washed away

And beauty takes its place

True beauty.

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