Haikus #11 and #12

I could’ve sworn low

or higher, I saw a man’s

face in the fire.


To act is to shed

upon others the words that

creep along your cracks.

Haiku #10


The fact is, when you

see the sky—Jupiter knows

that you’re watching him.

Haikus #8 and #9

A secret is not

truly a secret unless

it doesn’t exist.


If there’s a ghost for

each lie you’ve told, how large does

your house have to be?

Haiku #6

When on a cliff edge,

better with a stranger than

a dishonest friend.

Haiku #5

I’d eat chocolate

right now, just to fill myself

with popularity.

Haikus #3 and #4

Her dreams rose past the

ceiling, for her dreams were made

of some migrations.


Online dating is

a close encounter of the

third kind: mansplaining.

Haikus #1 and #2

There is a dead mouse

inside the bag, right over

there, until it moves.


Sometimes I wear my

glasses on the astral plane

instead of contacts.

A little over two weeks to go! I’m looking forward to writing and sharing more haikus.

Haiku #12

I’ve banked palaces

of love and great disaster

on thrones of worry.


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