I always eat it
My belly grumbling sounds
Like angry demons


Emerald, blue ponds
Tadpoles, bugs, fish, green frogs
Lily pads red, black

Black Birds

The crows guard their Master!
Never leaving my side,
They wait for me patiently to protect!


He barks,
He growls,
When there are strangers around!

Other than this he makes no sound!
That loving hound!

With that chain around his neck,
He always likes to check;
That I am safe and sound tucked up in bed!


Darkness grew over the kingdom,
Of where I was King!
The sky fell,

Sisterly Love

She is my best friend!
She is the one I turn to when I am in need.
She is the one I talk to when I am down.
She is the one who helps me off of the ground!


I hear the lions roar,
When I see the boar,
In the jungle.

I hear the waters fall,
And the mating calls,
In the jungle.

Eternally Trapped

There she lay,
Still today;
Trapped inside a body,
In a bay.

They bury her there,
Hoping no one would say,
‘Who is the girl in the bay??’

There was no girl,
No girl in that bay.
Only a demon that lay,
Lay asleep.
Waiting for her prey.

She preys on the weak,
She preys on the caring.

So, if you see her be sure,
Be sure to leave her laying…
Laying in the dirty swamp,
Where demons like her belong.


The lights would flicker on and off,
The room turned into a loft.

The walls would slip away,
And I would say,
‘Leave me alone to pray.’

To pray that the darkness would go away…

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