Farewell Yellow Brick Road

The sun awakens giving way to the reality of a new day 
The path that led dreams to be real - Led fears to have breath 
has now past away
The time passed through imagination 
have led to this moment to depart
Walking along with writers and idealist 
bringing life to art.
The promise to achieve has been realized 
and today I said, "Thank You" as I depart

All that you gave me was real 
The road was long but worthy

Farewell Yellow Brick Road
The journey has been no less than beautiful 
and my stories are now told

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

Summer Sunlight

True survival means that you find the best of things

Even from my childhood I learned this to be true

Mom was a stranger but I’m thankful that I am alive

I couldn’t stay with Grandma but the best I have of her thrives

He violated my spirit yet the best of soul survived

They thought they could contain me but I could not be denied

A rose in cement, yes I grew and from the ashes revived

Statistics say I would not grow up strong, but look I have have arrived.

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon


On the rooftop there was a patch of grass

A tree


and a bench

On the street there was nothing green to be scene

So rather than be grounded I head to the top of the world

Just to breathe.

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

My Human

For the simple cost of amusement and protection

I get a home, food, entertainment, and a servant.

I am amused that they think that they are my owner.

Not one time have I ever had to scoop their poop.

It’s a good gig, though.

Worth it for me to be loyal.

I love them. I think I’ll keep them.


jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

Mind Over Matter

Would it have been worth while,
To have bitten off the matter with a smile,
To standby and go the extra mile,
To do as told, as though I were a child.
Would it have mattered one little bit,
To have acted unscathed by all of it,
To have hidden a candle that was already lit,
To have the capacity to stand and yet sit.
jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

Opening lines from: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock BY T. S. ELIOT

Found and Lost

The heavens know when you have been found.
After wandering in darkness that started within
Once you have exhausted yourself from the burdens of life
Following the sea of tears and valleys of regret
The heavens have been waiting to shine a light

The heavens know when you have been found
They have been waiting for you to see it
They want to give you rest
They want you to be your best
They have waited and with love will now surround you. 

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

Dear Eve

Dear Eve,

Mother of all creation.

Do you remember the day that you wanted to know it all?

You got all that you wanted. We all did.

We know everything

We understand nothing.

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

Next Stop

This is my stop

You missed it

If I have to get off somewhere else I don’t know where I will be

I know this stop

My home and livelihood are right near there

What do you mean, “I can’t turn around?”

What will I do if I get out at the next stop?

Will I have to ride for eternity?

I think you intentionally kept me trapped here.

Wait? It’s okay. This one is closer to my vision.


jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon


One step forward, three steps back

I jump forward twice to catch up the slack

Up and down and all around

The path once lost is once again found

I keep going until I’m told

That is success, I have reached my goal



In the beginning

out of the vast emptiness of space

the Creator created heat with the fast rubbing of hands

then a large clap

and all civilization began

the earth evolved and creation took over

they sought to mimic the Creator in creation

but greed and power replaced good

the Creator saw the creation was flawed

He rubbed his hands and with a clap

the creation was no more


In the beginning…


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