The Healer

I lay my hands on the bodies of those in pain
I feel their suffering as my own
Electric currents crackle around my body
The barely audible hum of energy like an ethereal aum
It is my mission to bring relief to the weary
I am an instrument of the divine to heal human kind
I channel love in my heart and focus it with my mind
Many ailments are from emotional hurts never released
Scars from old lovers, parents, and priest
I realign their chi using empathy and intuition
I cure root causes, while western medicine treats the symptoms
I remove things that block their flow
The word he–al means to beckon God
So I channel a glorious glow
I use that glow to catalyze their own energetic tides
We are all holy so everything we need to be whole is already inside

Golden Peace Tanka

Wise Golden Dragon
Almost the last of his kind
Just wants to survive
Man fear him for his power
But he seeks a peaceful life

A Childs Eyes

One morning as a child I went into the forest alone
I was drawn deeper and deeper by magical musical tones
My feet were hurting and my legs started to cramp
Then I finally came to a clearing where a host of Angels held camp
They were singing to the heavens until I came into the clear
Then one smiled and bid me come near
He said ” Remember what you saw today and always keep it dear!”
Suddenly they were gone
I thought I imagined things
Then I looked down and saw a feather left from an angel wing.

The little Star

The little star did it’s best
Combining atoms at it’s nature’s behest
It tried and tried but didn’t think it got it right
The people there on Earth couldn’t see its light
After many years it asked the Universe a question long on its mind
“Will I ever be a big star that can light up the sky?”
The Universe replied
“You already are my child. Just continue to shine, your light will reach them all in due time.”

4th in Fresno

Its Mamo’s birthday
Sidewalks are fry an egg hot
Her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are all in the spot
Lighter fluid squirts over charcoals like a super soaker
Flames dance around the bars of the grill
Lemons from the tree in the back yard have been cut, squeezed, and mixed with water and sugar
Large aluminum trays are filled with beans and potato salad
Shirley Ceasar in the background singing a gospel ballad
The smell of roasting links, burgers, ribs and chicken become the back drop for children playing games
Homemade icecream is the back of the mind of all the kids old enough to know the ritual
The German shepherd/Greyhound mix Annie sits near her house proudly enjoying her bounty of bones and scraps.
As dusk falls the next location calls
Caravans of our clan drive to our cousins farm
My pops struts with his arms full of fireworks
Grow snakes begin to dance in the dirt and young hands hold sparklers
Now it’s time for the big show

Recycled Mix Tape

Pencil to spokes and twist
Brown ribbon is reclaimed by the plastic casing I press rewind
I press stop
I press play
Nope not there yet
Rewind again
High pitched sounds of tape being wound
Press play
Okay perfect
The voice on the radio says my song is next
Not yet
Not yet
Press record

Flight to the Future

Moisture builds on my hands like dew on mountain foliage
I smile nervously at the girl with curly hair in the seat next to me
The stewardess sounds like the adults on Charlie Brown as they relay safety protocols
The runway starts to slide behind me like pages in a flip book
My stomach drops as we lift into the sky
My eyes darting between the wing and the aisle waiting for alcohol service
Ice cubes collide in my plastic cup cracking under a stream of ginger ale
My mini bottle of tequila held tightly in my fist as I tilt my head back for distilled agave
My knee bouncing up and down like a jazz drummer in a solo
The ocean opens up as a blue canvas below me
Focus for the in flight movie impossible as my mind returns to the ring box in my carry on
I look at the girl with the curly hair again wondering if she’ll say yes

We live that word

She lifts me with her laugh leaving me longing for more ways to bring her joy
We join in song, voices dancing like dolphins dipping across crested waves
Her heart holds a capacity for caring and kindness akin to tales of saints
Her eyes are an endless pool of wonder and curiosity
Her lips melt into mine with tenderness and the tension of anticipation
I hold her like a puzzle piece holds it’s partner
Our bodies curving together in a yin yang releasing reality from parameters of what was previously believed possible
When we pray together miracles manifest
I find peace while watching her sleep
Her angelic innocence emanates from her exhales casting a spell that binds me to her essence.
When apart she flutters around my mind distracting me with delights from our last dalliance
My phone rings joyfully when she’s on the line
Everytime I hear her call me babe I fall a little deeper for this Aphrodite diety
I yearn to provide all of her needs before she even knows them.
I dote on her desires like Hephestus tending the fires of his forge
I take pleasure when we exchange teaching and learning
Even when she is in the next room I find myself yearning
Our passion purifies my soul burning away particles of past pain
I eagerly await the day we share the same last name

Native Tongue

 My native language is love
It can be conveyed with or without words
The dialects are constantly evolving, but the core meanings are universal
Many speak it but don’t truly understand it
It is a language where listening is often more important than speaking
Where actions are more important than words
It is a selfless language
There are no pronouns to truly denote an individual
It can be spoken through a smile, a hug, or sometimes leaving space
When properly used it’s highly effective at ending conflicts and is the recommended tongue for diplomacy
It is also the only known human language with the power to heal

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