Hour 22 – Think of me (Text prompt)

Where your troubled seas pulse with the trouble of comings storms, think of the wild tenderness in my eyes fixed upon your soul

the incandescent bliss glimmer of fervent touch

sating you whole

Sweet sleep

fire low

let Cupid shoot you tenderly; her glistening arrow

21st hour – Almond cruise (Text prompt)

Revenant spices bring the soup to life

the aroma and red wine do well to pacify a man’s soul

on this dainty almond cruise, upon whom i brandish my knife in the direction of apples staring blankly at me from the white board table

I pierce, chop up and bite.

20th hour – The Watch tower (Text prompt)

I see the tall gates pulled shut by Arkah and Julien

through the telescopic eye rune of this great height capturing the hubbub of glass people looking to break things or mend their shards

i also see the surrounding desert that circles this high point

as i stretch vision beyond eye level

i glimpse three camels being guided by two tired men

why have they come so soon?

19th hour – All her day songs (Text prompt)

Motions pervade the hustling spaces

seeming huddled together about and below this luxury nook perched on the edge of this parchment of noisy civilization; cocooned from the arm rest of mother nature

I watch the scenes with my ears

i play the tunes of this desperate butterfly

echoing the need of simple and complicated kinds alike

with feelings tethered by a common invisible hand

calling for my attention

screaming for all souls

the seemingly gentler feel of her 2am music

heralds the bashful babbles of all her many day songs





18th hour – Home with me (Text prompt)

a rampage of rhythms caresses my audient streams with droplets of heaven; music of ease

Ecstacy engulfs me from within

as i powerfully release

entering home that never leaves

home always with me.

17th hour – Side by side (Image prompt)

Glaze and forte

muse and thundergrail

forged from a steel of green peace; the calm wonder

As we make for the tavern on an inevitable journey; one we have always craved

side by side our bond and loyalty, richly displayed

Eagles on the front walk set to take of by bound destinies

side by side

we’ll slay our dragons

mop our sins with their blood

side by side

we’ll war when we must and win when we can

side by side

we set out to conquer

side by side

we set out to leap

side by side

side by side…

16th hour – It is. Harmonious desire makes one (Text prompt)

this den clasps the innocent scribe

the sombre meekness of tales by ink pour out the constructs of an alien mind

canoe-ing atop the gentle river; keeper of seas, beholder of storms

by sweet conscience we slave the virgins by mortal fires to molt them into fine sculptures for our circus show; not absent their pleasure as they careen the virtues of sweeter vanity seeking more

is this not what they have asked for?

Hour 15 ‘ This dance (Text prompt)

I ride hgh

playing the shy violin whose strings dapple sweet memory with blushes of eternity

as i wake the danger in your hips with the strokes i almost give this violin

the purple flames dance my passions higher as the violin slips away

my hands rove and discover

its a pleasure that both our bodies want to sway

As we do….

i hear the violin still

strummed by our infernal hunger

tampering the strings

absent mercy

as we dance mercilessly

a beautiful dance

how i love this dance

this dance

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