hour 15

Sensible descriptions

Her small upturned nose
Slightly pink and swollen
Set ever so slightly off-center
Between her immense
Round sky-blue eyes
Framed by sweeping brown bangs
Her fair skin highlighted
With pale pink lipgloss

hour 14

Ten lies Stranger to the truth
Life is easy.
Only the good die young.
Man was created in God’s image.
Life’s a breeze.
This will only hurt a little.
Life is what you make it.
Time heals all wounds.
Life is a bowl of cherries.
We are living on borrowed time.
There’s always tomorrow.
This is it.

hour 13

Early light in Poodledom
Each day I spend dawn waiting
Clicker training they call it
Instead I am just anticipating
I yawn and stretch they sit,
drink coffee in bed,
play games until they quit
One asks if I’ve been fed
as the other presses a button
I dance before I am led
by a leash on my morning walk

hour 12

Kennings poem

Get me some Negro nitro, he yelled.
She nodded grabbing the pot on her way behind the counter.
Keep it down, she whispered as she poured.
He growled, Don’t back lip me. Just finish up and let’s blow this joint.
Five more minutes, Hun. I’ve gotta refill my station, she said.
I’ve got it Sue. Just punch out and take your blowhole with you.

hour 11

incandescent glow
from the wired
wrapped tight
through the blown glass
be it black, red, or white
from Edison
we lumin
from darkness, night, or cloudy day
but more importantly
we preserve our food
in a new and modern way

hour 10

Wine poetry

Tannin tart rests in ruby
Fizz and fuzz in fruity
Bare in blanc
Be it daring and dry
Let the cork be wet
With wine

hour 9


When you need to go
Remember the paper
Be it one ply or two
Scott’s will take care of you

hour 8

beaus present poem

Dr. Oz
Daily radio zealot

often relaying

diet options

hour 7

using song titles


She said hold on I want to
Make you feel my love
So I went balls to the wall
Sweating and swirling
Rolling in the deep
Until she dies a little death
And then another
And we’re are totally spent
We lie together
Dies irie

hour 6

Love of an inanimate object

little orange wedges

comfort me like no other
curved, ridged plastic
conforms to black rubber
clutching Jo safe,still, stable
closer than a family member
chocks are first desired