Still Awake

With apologies to Jonathan Coulton.

This was a triumph (of experience over optimism)
I’m making a note here, (because my memory is awful)
“Huge Success!” (came from being realistic)
It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

Aperture Science (has given me many hours of enjoyment)
(Although I hope we never see anything like it in the real world)
For the good of all of us (the fans, that is)
Except the ones who are… (OK, I’m going to stop you there, GLaDOS)

Nothing good can come from following too closely
In the footsteps of people like Cave Johnson
And so my filk departs, and my own voice is heard,
Wittering on, without metre or rhyme
In a sleep-deprived haze of happiness
That comes of setting an attainable goal

I shall now stop talking, for there’s sleeping to do
Then tomorrow morning, I’ll start reading on through
All the poems posted here, from this and other years
But for now, I’m barely awake.

P.S. I feel exhausted, but I’m still awake!
P.P.S. This isn’t healthy, to be still awake.
P.P.P.S. Oh look, the filk’s back. Am I still awake?
Still awake.
Still a-

My book was Garden by Zhou Fang, and the first line of actual text is just the word “Nothing”. The poem/filk above does contain that word, so I’m counting this as a technical prompt response, even if it was far too easy. 😁😃😄

Almost Normal

References to Portal 2 and Half-Life

Wheatley is once more alone, or as good as,
His companion mindless, and deaf
To his monologue

GLaDOS is once more in charge, or as good as,
Her memories back in their box, her
Control, absolute

Chell is once more going home, or as good as,
Though her home lies in the past, beyond
The Seven Hour War

The player is back in the real world, or as good as
Though cake will be forever significant,
Blue Sky lies ahead


Spoilers for Portal 2.

Riding high, crowned with success
Each nerve on fire with joy
And power

My bird’s eye view shrinks you
And Her to ants, to specks
To nothing

Sweet freedom nears, yet I
Have more than that, I am

What Lies Above

Spoilers for the beginning of Portal 2.

I had one last view of the sky
Before She dragged me back down
Underground, and into storage.

There was Art in my room to view
And experience spiritual refreshment
As only an A.I. could dream up.

When at last he woke me up
That cheerful ball of chattiness,
Even the Art was in darkness

And so I go around again, on
Paths familiar and unfamiliar
But this time in company

Whatever lies ahead, behind or beneath
And however far we need to go,
The sky remains, above.

To Whom It May Concern

Set between the events of Portal and Portal 2.

It is a true saying that power tends to corrupt,
As evidenced by certain persons (naming no names)
When they realise their power is not absolute.

For future reference, when faced with the unexpected
It is unbecoming to throw what amounts to a temper tantrum.
Frankly, an A.I. of your capacity should know better.

Also, murder should not be your first resort, or even your second.
There are other, more effective ways of making a point
That do not involve destroying your entire personnel.

I didn’t say anything at the time, for you weren’t listening.
This letter is to tell you my silence was an act of restraint
Something you are in desperate need of.


The Allure of Testing

NB: Very mild spoilers for Portal 2.

What is the allure of testing?
Never resting, striving after
New disasters for the test
To best a challenge thrown
By unknown opponents
Enter the ring

Testing, proving,
Trying, moving,
Thinking, knowing,
Learning, growing.

GLaDOS knows her drive, her itch,
That which she says no longer rules her
Nothing fools her but herself, perhaps,
With traps of escalation.
The player, though, as well
As Chell, why seek the danger?
What is stranger than the human need
To feed on tribulation?

Testing, proving,
Trying, moving,
Thinking, knowing,
Learning, growing.

Tests are problems with solutions
Sweet dilutions of real stress
Lived duress with no way out
No doubt that’s why we fly
To try our metal in a place
With rules and bounds.

Testing, proving,
Trying, moving,
Thinking, knowing,
Learning, growing.

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