I haven’t seen him

Every time I wake up

I feel his breath around my neck

His fingers around my waist

His smile around my cheeks

Every time I dress up

I see him standing beside me

Beholding me like the very first time

Every time I cook for him

He stares at me like a little child

The way he looks at me

With those shiny eyes of his

Makes me fall in love with him all over again

The more I feel his hand on mine

The more I feel safer and secure

The more our glares meet

I feel he touches my soul much more deeper than before

Amazed by his surprise I often laugh

Making him fake angry

And then, suddenly, in just a kiss

My little angel is back to how he was

Yet…I haven’t seen him

You came as a beam of light

You came as a beam of light
And all my darkness disappeared
You became my peace
And all my chaos settled
You held my hand
And I began to fly
You closed my eyes
And made me see my dreams
You smiled
And I wanted all those dreams to come true
You became mine
And I started loving myself
You made me conquer my fears
And made me smile
You came in my life
And became my life


The color of power
And that of danger
The color of love
And that of passion
The color of courage
And energy, and that of strength
The color of excitement
And that of motivation
The color of life and blood and emotion
A strong color with the best of luck
Is the color which is Red

Spider of depression

Once there was a happy fly,
Roaming here, hopping there,
One day a spider saw her
Slowly, steadily moving towards the fly
The spider took her in the grip of her eight legs
As the first leg tightened, the fly lost concentration
The second one took her energy
The third made her aware of her helplessness
With the fourth leg on her, the fly became hopeless
Inability to sleep was the fifth gift of the spider to the fly
She did not want to do the things she liked, and that was the sixth gift to the fly by the spider
She became more and more sad about her condition and this was the gift of the seventh leg of the spider
As the eighth leg started gripping her,the fly herself wanted to die
And hence the spider of depression fulfilled her last wish by ending the worst journey of her life

You are my life

You are my life
You stood by my side, at the place we first met, thinking
Are we seriously doing what we always wanted, saying what we both always wanted to say
My heart skipped a beat as you held my hand, confessing your love to me,the thing I always wanted to hear
Life gave me the most precious gift that day, I got the man whom I call my husband now.

My changed self

Seeing the smile on my face
Can you tell how much pain is in my heart
Seeing the shining eyes
Can you count the endless tears i shed
Seeing me talking to everyone
Can you tell how afraid i am in starting a conversation
Seeing me with some one
Can you tell the number of times i was alone
The number of times i blamed myself
For being me, for loving, for caring,
For understanding someone I shouldn’t have
Can you figure all that out just by my changed self???

Dreams that came true

It seems only yesterday
That i was a child
I had everything yet I had nothing
I had people to talk to but no one to understand
It seems only yesterday
I met you at a point I never thought
The point where I hated myself
I lost my original self
Wanting to be how people want to see me
You held my hand, stopped me from going any further
You became the support I ever needed
That was when I found a soulmate
I always wanted a fairytale love
The one we see in movies
The prince xharming every girl dreams of
When you called me a princess
I skipped a heartbeat
You gave me the fairytale
I always needed

Home of my childhood

If I ever get a chance
I wish to go back to the home I was born in
Live the memories I had there, once more
I wish to go back to the home
Where I first learnt cycling
Where the first time I spoke
The first time I walked
Getting up by the voice of my maa
I needed no alarm
Playing with my toys
As soon as I came back from school
I barely needed friends
I wish I could go back to the home of my childhood.

I am a girl I know

I am a girl I know
But not a bird in a cage
Who can see the sky but not reach it
I am a girl I know
But not a slave in a prison
Who can imagine freedom but not live with it
I am a girl I know
But not a puppet in someone’s hands
Whose actions are controlled by someone else
I am a girl I know
But also a human
Who can dream the sky and also reach it
Who can imagine freedom to live with it
Whose actions are controlled only by herself
I am a girl I know


Can’t forget the night, that moment,
The confidence I had, yet lingering on the nervousness,
As we took our first step, towards a new chapter,
The vows we took, the seven rounds, the seven vows,
Making me yours for eternity,
And eternity seemed now,
Now that I had my hands in yours,
Now that you seemed more than a dream
More than I ever asked for,
Now that you were my reality,
I can say this is eternity,
The morning I saw you sleeping beside me,
I could say this is eternity,
Waking up by your kiss on my forehead,
I could say this is eternity,
It is said that forever is made of nows,
And now I can say this is eternity.


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