Coffee and Change

Coffee is man’s bestfriend
Coffee is man’s comrade
It accompanies till the end
Won’t tire won’t get mad

Change is something needed
It happens every time
Like time it is created
To transpire with passing rhyme

Coffee and change are so inseparable
They go hand in hand
They come just in time
When things are not well when things are not fine

Coffee and change
my coffee and My change
My coffee will make my mood
Change will bring me food.

Chasing Norma

On the third month of twenty-twenty one
We chased time we did chase time
We chased time, all of us, to keep you with us
But chasing time was not enough.

Your time on earth, your time is up
We lost you, our base, our rock,
Losing your every embrace
Something that won’t be replaced

You are our core we are left shattered
And every day we’re lost and bothered
Chase your dreams you keep telling us
Do good things and don’t make a fuss

We might have lost with chasing time
We might have lost you physically
But your memories will come in rhyme
Your love and all will be in prime

Chasing you mother, Norma your sweet name
You might have left who else to blame
Your words and wisdom will all remain
Us your children will see you again.

The Gifts

I always thought it best to say
The salient gifts you gave to me
One of these is the gift of love
that I enjoy it’s nice to have

Another one that came from you
Is trust I know I earned so true
You trust me with my plan and goal
I trust you with my heart and soul

And then here comes your gift of friendship
It strengthens our relationship
With you I laugh and never blue
I will spend my life with you

Also there are material things
I treasure them my heart just sings
One thing I know, know from the start
Is with you I will never part

You are the gift I’m proud to have
You are a gift from up above
If ever I will live again
I’ll find you hard until the end.

Rockstar Poet

Quiet,snobbish one heck of a guy
Thinks deeply writes soulfully
Sits by himself smiles barely
Lives calmly never asks why
Sleeps all day under the moon
After a whole day writing poems
Or sometimes stays up all night long
To write some songs he keeps for long.

Like a Butterfly A Feather Is A

Like a butterfly which I know is a soul of departed
That visits every time one misses her presence
A feather so delicate is a soul just the same
Out of nowhere it floats, when you call out her name
As the feather floats and reaches me slow
My tears I can’t bear I can’t bear them to flow
For I long to hold you my child in my arms
How I long to feel you I just wish you’re around
Child since you left you left oh so soon
I smile with every butterfly I see roam
Or a feather that floats and glides gracefully
It is a visit from you I believe completely

I Long To Be On A Ship Right This Moment

I long to be on a ship right this moment
And watch the men work in merriment
As the anchor is secured the seagulls visit
Not minding the intense afternoon heat

As the ship voyages the vast horizon
The world unfolds clouds move in unison
Then the lights flicker as the ship moves farther
Then the lights are replaced by the moonlight after

Peaceful serene we will drink with the moon
We’ll pay tribute to Lipo and his love for the moon
We’ll invite love and the angels to sit among us
And enjoy the moment as the new day comes

I long to be on a ship right this moment
Because husband it is you I long to be with
If only this is true what else can I say
I am happier,oh happiest, my heart’s-a-sashay

Our Son Swabe

We might have lost our Aria Aria Butterfly
We are glad she is in a better place
We still count God’s blessings
And His amazing grace

Son, you are our reason
Our reason for everything
We will be your sun and moon
And everything in between

Because you’re the joy-bearer
You spark our happiness
You inspire me and Pap to work even more
Until we give you the bests

We will guide you ’til we’re old
We will light up your path
We will shine up our best
You’ll see with reason and heart

It’s the best we can do
To show how you’re treasured
Swabe,our son, may you shine in your best
With the light that we shared

Graceful Siphonophore Apolemia

There she glides
Gracefully she glides
Silently she waits
She waits for surprises
In the depth of the ocean
She rests peacefully
While everyone is unguarded
She’ll attack innocently

Cake By The Ocean

We will have cake by the ocean and overflowing drinks
We will have bonfire by dusk and music to dance about
We could also do fishing with natives we met years back
And have dinner by the shore while watching the sun rests
We can do this every year, every year till we can
We can have cake by the ocean
We can have it till we can.

Hats off Old and Rusty

Old and rusty
Towering the bookshelf usually
Once, writers can’t live without
Now, won’t even be given a glance

But this typewriter is to me
A patriarch of our history
A boss, a godfather a king of all
who wrote of words, of poems, of lore

You’ll be put to your place
Of comfort and respect
Hats off to you and a round of applause
You lived a good life with a good cause