just me

Hello universe

I am Narinder. That’s what i call myself.

I am in India and myself

Writing is my form of meditation and the marathons are my connect to divinity.



I have been looking out that window

Forever and ever

There were flowers nd shrubs

Duststorms and rains

People and cars

Today atlast

There is you.

Standing at my gate..



Desiring a little


A swirling wish

To hold you

Run my fingers

Over your skin

Your lips


In my ears.

Your voice

Settling in my core

Like A solid piece

Of crystal.


the lordly lady

In the slim.velvet gown

The sweetheart neckline

Plunging on a pearl bosom

The slender shoulders

Proud bearers of a tender neck.

The cinched waist

The bare arms.

Coffee locks

Rolled high in a bun.

My lady love leans

Inviting a kiss.



To people.

Sneezing coughing

Tongue swollen.

Caught up in the chest.

When coming close

To the human species.

Catching flu

Eyes tear

Choking on own breath.

Runny nose.

Skin eruptions.

Rashes within the flesh.

Ears swell. Tummy is hell.

Do not touch.

What might happen.

Nothing to tell….

Wild greens

It was a happy green.

Rushing through  nowhere.

Till it found me .

The creature of God in the creation of God.

The man made took me there .

Riding jolting beasting on the motor machine .

The speed was trying to catch up with the

Leaves of forests.

The tall shinning green webs were now

Eyeing my bike. Thrilled at the noise it made while the wind danced on my skin .

The symphony of the greens and engine screamed to ride.

Making me wild to experience the God kind.

Web star…

Sometimes it gets tedious

To exist here.

Then I travel

To meet my lucky stars.

I fly to the moon

Right beside my cluster.

Every night i weave my webs

Star to star

Sparkle to sparkle.

Existence here

It loses the spark.

I fly up there

To gather some flames.

Rocking my star web hammock

Breathing the universe

I feel the nebulas tingling on my skin.

A comet flies past

Setting aflame my tresses

Tucking meteors beneath my breast

I bring back a planet or two.

This is what I need to exist with sanity.

Right to the moon and back.

table for two

A table for two

In the middle of the glade

Shaded with lilac wisterias.

A table for two

Is it me and you

Watching the butterflies

Flit with the humming birds

Glowing with fireflies

Mosquitos at the ankles

And tiny wasps overhead

Table for two

As we hold hands across

Playing footsy up my legs

Wit you


Table for two

Kiss me across

The meal is an excuse

To be with you



I see gold and silver
Emerging at the temples.
Jewels of wisdom
Or melanin wearing off.
The exuberance of youth
Paying homage as it leaves.
Bowing away gracefully
Placing jewels as she recedes.
Loss…not really.
Achieving accomplishing
Acquiring …
Not lost …but gaining.


She slept in the glade
Dreaming sweet orchids
For the dear she had.
He laid beside her
in the orchid glade all night.
Was it a dream or real
She failed to fathom nor tried.

His words flowed soft
His foxy eyes
Smiled at her.
The bliss permeated
from his eyes
to her form.
From her skin
to her soul.

The sweet nothingness
that filled her being
kept her afloat
all days to come
for the rest of her life.

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