Letter I can never send

You are my inspiration
Where are you
You had said the musk is inside
The deer always has always will
That musk, that inner light
That we all possess
How I know this but
Still “I” don’t know

My mind and my body
Are in chaos
I know that we have never “met”
I am restless indoors and outdoors
What is this love of mine?

How can I find some one?
Who can take this message?
To my “inspiration” …
(For my favorite poet – Kabir Das)

Seema Sahoo – ©

Spiritual Teacher

“Immovable by storm

Firm as a mountain

Composed in praise or blame

Union of strength and tenderness..”

Seema Sahoo ©

Inner Fire

Give me that fire whose light

Eliminates my mind

Give me that fire whose heat

Will burn veils of eyes

Give that fire whose flames

Will burn and melt my ego

Completely and fully

I, surrender myself

Jumping into this

Ocean of love and compassion

Drowning deep down

Strangely now I see

Myself ACROSS …..the shore

Seema Sahoo ©


hope I can do it from my phone also , it will help. was thinking where the prompts will be , here ?

Hello All

My name is Seema , I am an Occupational Therapist and a Reiki teacher and practitioner. I used to write poems in school and early college days but stopped after that. When I started practicing Reiki from spiritual perspective 2 years ago with focus on meditations and chanting I felt the urge to re start writing poems. I mostly write poems spiritual theme  based and use them as form of self healing. I hope to go with this marathon as far as I can go .

Thank you for having me here !!



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