This Journey We’re On (Poem #14)

There is a journey

Not a path I chose

But a life chosen for me

I was given an opportunity

A chance to love hopelessly

To take the journey of difficulty

One day I met you

That first day I met you

That’s when it all started

I didn’t know you

I had never met you

But I knew God has a huge design for your life

You were chosen for something greater

I was chosen

And didn’t even know it

To be part of that grand design

I got so lost in chasing it

I got so focused on being there for you

That we fell when we thought we could fly

We decided to spread our wings

We decided to jump from the nest

Everyone was cheering us on

Telling us it was time

Telling us this was supposed to be


We jumped

We spread our wings

And began to fall

We weren’t ready

It wasn’t time

We just saw how happy they were

How happy it would make them to just jump

We were stupid

When we finally hit the ground

We were more broken than ever before

We picked up what was left of us

We put our heads up tall

And as friends

We shook hands

and knew together

we could be no longer

I was sad

Depression overflowing out of every fiber of my being

We were both alone

We were both apart

We both gave up

As time went on God allowed us to grow new feathers

We lost the old

He renewed our strength

He revised our minds

That did not mean the journey was over

That did not mean the journey was easier

He simply began to equip us

Our wings had grown

And now they are fully equipped

This time we aren’t falling

This time we aren’t hurting

We look at each other

We are together

Hand in hand

Hearts together

Our time is now

Our lives intertwined

Like a grape vine

After being pruned

Green and beautiful

Completely intertwined with one another

Ready to take flight

We look in each others eyes

We spread our wings full span

And now

We are diving off the tallest mountain

We are doing it together

It is time

Time to fly

Our journey isn’t over

Our journey is just beginning!

So Bright (Poem #13)

The sun is so bright

How could there be a sad day

The sun is so bright

It lights the moon in a special way

The sun is so bright

My day will never be the same

The sun is so bright

My skin can feel the warmth that it illuminates

The Son is so bright

That day or night

Night or day

Happy or sad

Joyful or mad

The Son shines through

The Son is my light

The Son is so bright

You Are the One (Poem #12)

Its dark

And I’m scared

I don’t know how to explain this feeling

One person on my right

Another on my left

They begin to pull in opposite directions

As if I was a doll that two kids were fighting over

I feel the desires of my life swelling in my heart

I also feel my fears and desperation

They are surrounding me

They are trying to consume me.

Why do I have to go through this?

Can’t there be a sparkle of hope

I want to trust and know

Yet I doubt and cower


I need you

I am crying for you to comfort me

Hold me in your arms

Reach down and save me from myself

I am not giving up or giving in

I am simply giving it to God

He is the only one who can take this

He is the only one who can fill this emptiness

He can surround me in His love

He can take care of me

I am not alone


You are the only one

The light in my darkest moment

You are the one

The Clock (Poem #11)

I’m laying here

Staring at the ceiling

Wondering how to make time go faster

Do I want to rewind and go back?

Do I want to fast forward and get further?

I don’t know if I want to go backward or forward

At this point

Now it’s been half the time

Half of three months

It’s been so long

But yet gone so fast

I just can’t decide

If I could go back

Would I?

If I did that I could change the choice I made

I could have stayed behind

I could have stayed close to you

Or do I want to finish this up

Just a little more time apart

Just a few more weeks without you

I know I can do this

But staring at the clock

The clock is a trickster

Playing with my head

Teasing my emotions

The clock is cruel

Then it hits me

I am learning so much from you clock

The distance

The separation

The time away

The space between

I have a weird relationship

An odd but definitely needed time

Now I want to thank you

You’ve taught me so much

I’m actual thankful

Thank you clock

Time is so precious

We must cherish every second

Thank you clock

“Your Song” (Poem #10)

A song written from the heart

A song written at all

A song

The words put to a melody

A melody that cannot be explained

The music that causes feelings to explode within

How can anyone simply listen to a song

Music is the expression of creation

The sky and all its colors

The land and all its mystery

Love and hate

Difference and connection

All put together to form

Written out to describe

Put to a melody to heighten the intensity

Our bodies feel it

Our minds overwhelmed by it

A song written from the heart

Is a song made just for you

Its made to hold you

Its written to describe you

It is “Your Song”

Homesick (Poem #9)

Tears swell in my eyes

Pain in my chest

An ache in my heart

My body feels weak

My life feels like it’s not moving

I am so far from home

Yet getting so much closer to going back

I am away

But I know I will be back home

The feeling of being so far from you

The homesickness

The feeling that part of me is missing

Only a few more weeks

This feeling will only be here a little longer

I cannot wait to reunite

To be in your arms

To feel your embrace

I’ve waited my whole life for you

Just let me come home

I don’t want to be homesick anymore

The Night Sky (Poem #8)

I look up

And I am lost

I am speechless

Even the darkness of night

Is covered in the brightness of the stars

The stars show how many people are in heaven

They whisper in my ear that dreams come true

They shine and reflect off my eye that the desire of my heart will happen

I look into the abyss of the night sky

And now I know

Even in the darkest of times

The light will always be there

There is a galaxy

There is a hope that we may not understand

There is an entire world that we may not believe

But I know that I don’t have to be afraid

Because I know

The beauty of the night sky

Promises me that the light always shines through the darkness

It’s Time (Poem #7)

I don’t know how to say this

How do I find the words

The courage to stand back up

The strength to continue on

The ground became my comfort

I’d been thrown down so many times

They think they can control me

They think I’m just pathetic


Extremely small

Try me again

Come at me

I will stand my ground

I will keep my head high

You don’t get to do this

I am not playing pretend

I know exactly how to do this

I know the words to say

I am standing head high with courage

I will continue on

The ground is just my altar

Cause the more I’m on my knees

What I do while I am down

I will continue to worship

I will continue to go down

So that my Lord will be lifted high

It isn’t how I got down

But how I get up

God is my strength

My courage

My life

If I stay down it is so His glory is lifted higher

I am strong

Through Christ alone I stand

I Found You (Poem #6)

I look

And I see you

Beautiful brown eyes

A smile that knocks me off my feet

A voice that makes the angels sit in awe.

I can’t help but smile when looking at you

I can’t help but cry when I’m away from you

You are my other half

You fit perfectly in my life

You accept every broken and flawed piece of me

You don’t judge me or get angry

You sit with me

You comfort me

You are so unique

A one of a kind

There is no one else like you

I can’t believe it

I can’t believe I found you

I love you

Dreams (Poem #5)

I know it sounds crazy

But dreams do come true

When you wish upon a star

Your heart’s desire begins

You set it free

Watch as it takes flight inside you

Every day with a goal of joy

You cannot bring me down

You do not have a say

The love and passion within me

It will seize the day

Work your hardest

Love like there is no tomorrow

Take risks

Be passionate

Do not hold back

Your dream may not come when you want it

But it will come when you least expect it

Spend every day thanking God

The past is to learn from

The future is not promised

But today is the present

A gift from above

So take that

Run with it

And never stop dreaming!