Will never be

An option

For us

You declared



Will never



You uttered


Only warm hellos

Only giddy laughter


I never


Your words

Because you


Left Behind

I am still

Walking the cobbled


We walked on

I am still

Riding the choppy seas

We sailed on

I am still climbing mountains

We scaled


My spirit lingers

In the places

We have been

While yours

Have sought

Other adventures

I Linger

You have moved on

While I stayed


You are looking at tomorrow

While I live in yesterday


You thrive in today

While I linger in memories

Faded Memory

I am just

A memory to you



I was never

A part of your



I will stop

Thinking of



So the memory

Will fade

Only Silence

I remember

When people spilled out

And doors spewed them


I remember

When children burst in seams

And flew in the air


I remember laughter

And banter

And mirth


Now, there is only silence

Moving Out

I slipped out

Of your grip

When I could

No longer fathom

The tears

That remained

After the laughter

Has ended


Time, you said

Is what you need

To keep this

Whatever we have together

That still remains

Nameless after

So many years


Yet you never

Seem to have

Enough of it

To give me


Time, you pleaded

When I walked away

From you

And whatever it is

That we have

That now

Will forever remain


Strangers Meet Up

There was spark

You said

The first time you saw me


There was hope

You reflected

When you met me


You gripped

My extended hand


You never let go

Your Smile

I always look for your smile


In the melee of people

In the crowded mall

In the arrival lounge


I keep the memory of your smile

In my heart


So I can go on my day

With the hope

That one day

That smile will be for me

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