12 – Books & Sentences (2020)

Following the Prompt for Hour 12 (2020 – Half) using Deborah Duffield’s memoir: “Imprisoned in a Body with a Life Sentence” (abuse survival). {TRIGGER WARNING!!}


Life began at age 3 –
but only with 1/2 of the glee;
It began with a pain,
I could not foresee.

Now I know,
where I shouldn’t be –
Pain teaches the most
to me;

And I learn all the ways,
That I cannot be myself.

Can I help myself?
Only lifetimes later;
Because ONE person,

Noticed the most,
finally listened to me.

“My life began at age 3 1/2.”
“I know now most of the ways to help myself.”

Support links (Canada, USA, Australia):
1. https://crcvc.ca/for-victims/services/ 🇨🇦
2. https://www.removingchains.org/resources/usa-hotlines 🇺🇸
3. https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/topics/child-abuse-and-neglect/resources 🇦🇺

🖤 BLM:
+ http://blackchildlegacy.org/resources/child-abuse-and-neglect/

* 🌎 Global crisis line: https://yourlifecounts.org/find-help/
* National Resources: 
* https://isurvive.org/helpful-resources/abuse-survivor-resources-usa-canada/

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ: https://www.loveisrespect.org/is-this-abuse/abusive-lgbtq-relationships/

🙅🏻🙅🏾‍♂️ Men (male victims):
+ https://aasas.ca/support-and-information/men-and-sexual-assault/

~ This list is not exhaustive. Keep safe, reach out. You and your future are worth the recovery.

4 thoughts on “12 – Books & Sentences (2020)

  1. Thank you for this powerful piece (and for the trigger warnings and list of supports at the end) and for your open, honest words! Powerful line: ‘And I learn all the ways,
    That I cannot be myself.’ It is so important that we all have one person in our lives who ‘sees us’, ‘hears us’, and honors us. Thank you again!

    1. Very welcome!
      I do what I can; issues like these are so vital to talk about – especially so directly from a survivor’s point of view 💝🕯

      I hope you’re well and wish the best!
      I appreciate your sweet comment.

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