Rain poured down
as I dodged around trash
under the cover of
my umbrella

I didn’t notice him until
I bumped into him as he
materialized from the
shadows of the

menacing and dark
he didn’t scare me
although in hindsight
he should have

Momma warned me
about guys like you
but you don’t scare

I don’t even know why I’m
here talking to you, but my friend
said you could help me with my

He held out his hand
covered in scars
covered in dried blood
waiting for what was his

It’s all there
Im not going to lie to you
do you have what I asked for

He barely glanced at what
I handed him and held out
a plain paper sack

This will get your little job
done; clean and simple
wear gloves and you’ll be fine

I needed something quick,
I wasn’t sure
you would be able to come
through for me,
you did, thank you.

Once you do this-
there’s no going back
you will have killed someone
and if the cops find you
they will put you in jail.

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