Dear Therapist3am

Dear therapist–

I wish thank you was an
adequate way to express
my gratitude for you and all
that you have done in my life

you’ve seen me at my best
all of the good and you’ve
seen me at my absolute worst
the really bad stuff
you never judged

Despite the multitude of things
that I’ve said that society says is
taboo for a young woman to do
I blame my upbringing

Therapy is such a four letter word
for some people- not me-
I think everyone could benefit
from some therapy

I know we have to go our
separate ways now- I can
see it now that I can stand on my
own two feet-I no longer need you
to hold my hand.

So thank you therapist
I appreciate you making time
for me to spill my guts to you
about all of my problems and not
saying a word to anyone else

— Your patient

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