depression Return12pm

I have spent days upon days
stuck in this hellish apartment
of which I know every inch
only because I studied things
because I couldn’t move

I didn’t want to do anything
I didn’t want to be anywhere
I just couldn’t-and I don’t know
how it even started this time

There is a light at the end today
for the first time in a month
I can get up and clean
but please understand

I’m not generally a slob
I usually keep everything nice
and tidy
everything in its place simply because
that’s less chaotic

I’ve made my list and divided it into
reasonably small sections
by room and then by task
I’d better fuel up-
it’s going to be a long day and night

breakfast first
Dishes after
that task is done
what next?
Oh yes- The list

The living room
needs the trash picked up
laundry put into the hamper
what did that dish come from?!

Papers of past writing
those need to be gone through
on the couch-
Yep; I got distracted once more

back on task
the bathroom will be last
the grossest job in cleaning
on to the bedroom

Trash is gone-
bed is made
Floor has been vaccumed
dusting? For another day
A nap perhaps?

two hours later
still laying on my bed
I’ll have to make it again
Why am I distracted yet again?

My tummy has a rumble going
on inside-I don’t think it’s very happy
with me right now.
Maybe because It’s been about 8
hours since I last ate something

Fueled once more
and I can see an end in sight
I just have a few more things to do
and then I can relax for awhile.

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