I know what I am
I’m a sinner
I’m not perfect
But I have so
much in the Lord
My Father
Hope is the first
thing that I have
When I’m done
with this life
I know where I’m
gonna end
Faith the second
sure of what I hope
for Certain of things
not yet seen
I know I’ll get there
when it’s my time
Peace the third
not afraid
to speak my mind
say what’s on my heart
and be just fine
Grace is the next
yet given
to us freely
We can’t earn it
by works or deeds
We have to accept
him to recieve it
Mercy is another
How we got it
I don’t know
We deserve to die
horrible deaths
for the sins we commit
yet the Father
sent his one and only
son to the cross to die
for us all
Love is one more
It’s patient and its kind
never late always on time
It is not proud
and keeps no records of wrongs
It’s always there
never fails and never ends
Joy is the last
thing on my mind
at times
just how lucky I am
to be a sinner saved
by the blood of Christ
Hard to imagine living any
other way But
I am free and I am forgiven
And that’s just the way I like it.

One thought on “Godly7am

  1. Well written and I agree with everything in your poem. We are saved only by His grace, but we are free and have hope. Excellent poem. Thank you for sharing your faith in the Lord

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