Letting Go6pm

Every time I left the house
went to a restaurant
or a store
I’d hold their hands

It wasn’t weird
I was little
I liked it
All was right in my world

It gave me reassurance
that I knew where they were
and where I stood in their lives

How was I to know
that someday they
would take the decision
out of my hands
Where are you mom and dad?

Looked down at my hands
and no one’s holding them
what is going on?

Mommy? Daddy?
Where are you?
I can’t see you!
and I am so so scared

We’re over here honey
Come find us-
you’re fine

I can hear you
but I don’t see you
I’m starting to cry

Started looking at other
people and well- none
of them match
Wait! There! I saw her

Running, I’ve found her
Grabbing her hand and huffing my
satisfaction that I have indeed found her
Only to have her take her hand away once

You don’t always have
to hold my hand
I’m not always going to be
around to hold yours or
comfort you.

If I had only known.

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