Why I’m here9am

That’s why I’m here

Excuse me? Good evening
I’m looking for this place, do
you know where it is?
Quiet, nervous, scared

Sure do. Follow me.
I’m going there as well
It’s this way-
He led the way

I followed him into
a church- It didn’t bother me
After all I go to church
But I don’t know why I
have to go to this meeting

So-how does this work?
do we exchange names?
life stories?
He laughed softly
Not exactly

We grab coffee
sit down
make small talk
You’re looking a little green
Do you need some water?

I’m good
I don’t drink coffee
Maybe I should-

I’ve met a couple people
that my helper seems to know
they all seem so–

Someone’s taking charge
and speaking
I don’t see why I have to be here
But I will be respectful and listen
Not like I have a problem

I tugged down the sleeves of my
trying to make sure the scars are
I don’t want anyone to see

My unknown helper smiled
at me and patted my arm
He seems nice
He stood up and started talking

I’m Joe and It’s been 3 years today
since I last hurt myself-
I really wanted to hurt myself tonight
But Something stopped me

I met someone new
I could see in their eyes
they are scared and unsure
probably thinks no one
But I do-

I’m here to say now
There is nothing to be ashamed
You have an addiction
and that’s ok-

Maybe tonight’s the night
you throw it off
maybe not
That’s your decision
but I’m here

I wanted to stand up-
but I couldn’t
Such a smug self righteous
person I am.

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