Do You Remember?

Remember the days when people used the payphone,
People used to insert money and actually pay attention to you.
Now we facetime, hangout virtually,
Share pictures but never make memories.
Call people but when we hang up we regret the time spent,
Remember the days of the payphone?
How money actually bought time and a little bit of happiness.

Remember when our hearts were stereos,
We played music from our heartstrings each time the high was low.
Created music on our own terms and wrote the lyrics to our summer jams,
And before that, we blasted symphonies from pieces of vinyl,
Killed ourselves softly and lived aloud,
Remember those days?
When a single cassette held your memories,
And pressing play took you on a journey to childhood.

Remember how obsolete black and white cameras became,
Now teenagers use filters,
To try to filter life’s problems.
Filtrate the sadness from their eyes and try focus on the lack of color.
How picture-perfect smiles once filled their lenses,
But now perfection isn’t found in the smiles,
But in the likes brought in by the phone camera.
Do you remember all these things?

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