To the civilization that is slowly losing its culture,
This message is for you.
To the parents that have spared the rod and spoiled the child,
This message is for you.
To the children that use a greeting for elders, to please each other,
This message is for you.

You have become unrooted from the culture that brought up your forefathers,
You have lost yourselves in the upbringings of others,
Become experiments for cultures that never had a home in your house.
You have found yourselves where our ancestors lost themselves,
Trying to get back to their heritage.

Have you forgotten how your hair grows and holds heaven,
As it curls,
But you would rather have it straightened so that it can be the roots,
You lost when you gave your heritage up for an acceptance card into society.
So instead of being braided by the angels themselves,
It trails behind collecting dust like a elder’s proverb,
The adolescent teen believes they have outgrown.

And indeed instead of continuing this progressive culture,
You have created a hybrid that excludes your own backbone.
This uncommon dynamic builds a foundation on soil,
As your identity is lost,
You believe you are found.
So do not be angered when outsiders enter your home,
And steal what should have been yours

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