Welcome to the labyrinth that is my mind,
An ever-changing maze that has walls of doubt,
Ceilings of regret and doors of reflection.
Welcome, dear maze runner,
Welcome to a place I have never been to,
But I wish I could go to.

A place that had pandora’s box modeled after it,
Constantly has suffering, anger, and sin
Pouring through and out of my mouth.
With Joy locked away like a skeleton in a closet,
In fear that unlocking that door would mean losing her completely.

The streets are paved with memories,
The boulevard of my broken dreams,
Two roads down memory lane,
You can find a lover’s bay and there a broken-hearted boy will be your guide.
This place has a new system installed for security purposes.
So these insecurities will not believe a word anyone says,
Even if I look in the mirror the man in it,
Will never accept what’s inside.

As you go deeper,
You will find a sunset of dreams,
Kissing the skyline of opportunities,
As it sets to rise on a new day.
Fall in love with the moon.
As it gives you hope that you can escape this labyrinth.

And unlike Greek mythology,
The longer you wind the rope,
The deeper you venture and the more lost you become.
So string it around your neck,
It looks better there.

So welcome to the inescapable labyrinth that is my mind,
Tell me what you see,
Because that is the one place I would love to go,
But have never been.

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