Puppet Master

You mechanically digested people’s insecurities,
Had your horns and serpent tongue piercing every single one.
You knew exactly what you wanted,
And you knew exactly how to get it.
You made swallowing a truth that was comprised of white lies look so easy,
Had them becoming butterflies that swept anyone off their feet.

You created a system that was so perfectly flawed,
It served you and your every need.
An oxymoron that baffled the intellects,
For not even, they dared to question,
The penmanship in your words.

Had jaws falling and heartrates raising at the sound of you,
You redefined love so that it would tailor fit any girl you said it to.
Made forever a private getaway in your heart,
Filled minds with false hope of eternity.
Where they stood facing you and said “I do”
But the only thing they did do,
Was exchange a beating heart for your broken.

The death of a soul almost filled your empty,
You created a chain of strings,
And you were the only one controlling the cute dolls on the other end.
A sadistic puppet master,
You pulled and tugged and toyed with them,
And when they were about to sever the ties.
You would whisper your undying love for them,
To the extent that you almost believed you loved someone,
Other than yourself.


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