juxta #3

So I go strolling

And it isn’t very long before I find

I’m in a place I don’t belong

I wandered down this alley because I’d switched off all my thinking

And now I’m here I understand that I’m figuratively sinking

Why else would I be on a muddy river bank?

If not to wallow as I wander. Look through the water dank.

It swirls so dark before me, cold, unfriendly, thick and grim

And I can’t help but wonder if I’m going to just sink in .

And then I see them sitting, coloured umbrellas in a row

With men lined up in uniformity, sitting cosy below

They’ve boxes and they’ve lunches and they’ve snacks and they’ve solitude

And I certainly shan’t disturb them. That would just be rude.

But I find irony and humour in this crazy juxtaposition

I wandered here so black of heart, and these guys are simply fishin’

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