Theatre People #4

Can you smell it? The rustle of the crowd?

Can you feel it? The crackle in the air. Electrifying

Can you see the dust molecules swirling around the 1000 watt bulb, as it fades into life.  Bringing with it illumination and promise.

Can you see them? The girls behind a mask.

Can you see them? The people you know and work with; looking so different as they slip behind the facade. The costumes. The hair.

You stand.  I stand.

In the dark.  A moment of solitude. Everything is quiet for a second of time. The lights are down.

The audience rustle and then they shush. There is a crunch of candy papers,  but for this split second, it doesn’t register.

This is your time.

This is my time.

The lights fade in.

Curtain up

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