Hour 20: Craving

I like chaos
When everything, everyone
Is just one big yarn of confusion
Tangled yarn… it won’t come off
Without cutting a few strands

I like chaos
It’s full of inspiration
Always something happening
Always something going on
It’s like a mosaic of never-ending videos

I like chaos
As long as it doesn’t
Involve me and I remain
Nothing but a spectator
A side character named hypocrisy

I crave chaos
While searching for a peaceful existence
Monotonous days, same old stories in the comfort of home
I like chaos
But I like peace better.

One thought on “Hour 20: Craving

  1. From the first line, I wanted to read to the end. The poem raises an ‘unusual” submission at the onset, the reader wants to see how this is resolved. The third verse illuminates the intention of the poet but goes on to still leave the reader wondering in the last verse. Clever!

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