Hour 21: Dreamcatcher

I saw a dreamcatcher today
Made of silken white threads
Woven together in a pattern
Of overlapping flower petals
Delicate, fragile
And it’s beauty accentuated by
Gentle pearls and soft petals
Mesmerizing in the way it swayed
In face of even slightest of breezes.
I imagine if the wind was harsher
It might carry it away
To another land where you don’t need to
Catch dreams to be able to sleep
Where pleasant dreams come to you
As naturally as breathing
And there it will find itself
A new dream instead of having to chase them away.

One thought on “Hour 21: Dreamcatcher

  1. Nice.
    An unraveling story about the dream catcher, its characteristics, role and about hope for beautiful dreams.
    Wonderful description. Now I want to acquire a dream catcher as magnificent.

    Keep writing.

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