Hour 21: The House by the Sea

It was just there
Atop the old hill
A little, cozy abode
With windows facing the sea

The doors creaked
So did the floorboards
The smell of old wood
Lingering in the air

And when you looked to the side
You could see paintings, pictures
All of sea, the scenery from the window
Remain forever unchanged, after all.

2 thoughts on “Hour 21: The House by the Sea

    1. The eternal non-transient nature… it was there a 1000 years ago and it’s here now… the pictures, whether of past or present, all look the same… and it’s part relieving (a constant) and part sadness (?).. when you realize just how tiny you are.
      Though I wouldn’t call it ‘lonely’… it has the sky after all!

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