Hour 13

A difference

Graze upon wisdom, feast on prudence
And gather vows of condolence
Diminish differently sought understanding
And answer desires demanding
When difference sprouts here in
Defy all rules, betray all kin
And restore again your reign mighty
And let your words be known rightly
You know not yet for there is a time to come
To come is a time, shattering the will of some
Where the wind will change routes
And the wait will bear sweet, sweet fruits
Where time shall stay and observe
As war replaces what you deserve
Where the difference will strike such indifference
And the wise will defy admittance
They will surge and flee, fight and loose
For time will bring a victor to choose
A difference will bring the refuge sought
And thoughts unnoticed will form a noticed thought
And all because a difference rebelled insurgent
And fought all, challenged all, to be different.

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