Prairie Kingsnake (Hour 21)

The transformation bridge,
rippled shadow set low
to grounding curves of a gravel road. 

Sleek, earth-smoothed face,
a muddy arrow point,
striped lips that fold around the mouth. 

Glistening sunlight refracted 
upon each scale, 
talking plated armor,

feather sockets, 
scraped away to pliable shingles
of ground hardened skin.

Diamond studded rope of light,
Sun-setting night prowler,
river-whipping earth mover,
blood warm hunter of the early evening.

One thought on “Prairie Kingsnake (Hour 21)

  1. Your work reminds me so much of incantations – of ritual language – so rich and laden with invitations between the words and phrases you commit to the “page.” You bring us into other realms with your work. It is decadent and wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

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