Hour 1 — Life in the Deep


I am a stone
A rock of unique contours
and striations

Broken off the crag
The cliff at the far end of the shore
Our old home
A few hundred we were then
However, over the years, we have moved away

Since our break
We have travelled many miles
These past few decades
From the coast to the basin
To these sea waters, green and blue

My purpose, I often think, is probably to provide
A surface for the gentle algae to grow
To feed the fish
The lovely tiny creatures
Colorful and frolicsome they swim

Our brothers, my fellow stones, we are gradually moving
Towards the great fall, they say
Where another ocean waits for us
below these waters
There, the fish are grim and vicious
We are told

But I don’t worry too much
Being a stone
(of favourable mineral compositions, I might add)
I strive to serve
And serve happily

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