Hour 12 — Moving Around

I have recently come to realize
Our commonplace human lives
Could actually be drawn as graphs

Just a few lines to mark our typical movements
These lines repeated again and again
Marking the passage of time
in days, months, years

Hundreds upon thousands of people
Living out their predictable lives
With overlapping lines of movement
Home to workplace
Friend’s place to the shopping centre

Maybe sometimes, an interstate move
In which case, new lines are drawn
Which start repeating
Over and over again

In a bid to befuddle
the human-movement-pattern cartographers,
What if we started making
new movement lines in our life-graphs?
Like going to a different store
Or meeting some new folks
Maybe taking the long route home

With some deliberation, we could ideally be making
A brand new movement line on our life-graph
Every single time we went somewhere!

Now, wouldn’t that be swell?

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