Hour 8 — Wish Fulfillment

The Charter of Wish Fulfillment called for a consensus
of people’s needs and wishes
In order to better understand what we want
From life, from the government, from each other

Every evening
An elected spokesperson stands on a box in the townsquare
and reads out our collected needs for the day
We need aerosol dispensers for better distribution of fine particles
We need ergonomic baby helmets to keep their brains safe and cozy
We need kevlar-reinforced sleeping bags for peaceful nights

We stand around the spokesperson’s box
and nod our agreements
We need radiation-resistant, acid-repellant tarps for schools
and daycare centres
We need more minimized-labor days annually

As darkness begins to fall, we return to our living quarters


At the dinner table we now keep
A pencil stub and an old sheet of paper
Just in case we remember some need we had missed before

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