Game of Poems…

Hello All:

This is my first marathon, and I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been rather dormant in my serious writing, but I try to write something everyday nonetheless. I’m a Creative Writing and English major and a freelance writer. I really want to challenge my creativity at the moment and wake myself up from this writing coma I’ve been in. I imagine we all can relate to the usual everyday circumstances getting in the way: break-ups, bills, children, day-jobs, significant others and such…I’m just a small-town girl trying to write my way in this big world of words. Happy Writing and best wishes to all.

3 thoughts on “Game of Poems…

  1. Hey Abrielle!
    What amazing work you’ve produced! Mecca had me long for home again…. the imagery and the power behind the poem was just incredible.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work, it was a beautiful read!

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