I open my eyes

There it is

I was afraid

But for an instant

That I had

Lost it

I was a fool

To think

It would ever

Even in a million years

Not be there

Giving to us


Our rain

Is their reign

Providing for us

Divine fire

From the skies

See him

He flies


Enter Now

The Great Satan

Devourer of nations

Our heavenly salvation

He who takes lives

Killing husbands

Killing children

Killing wives

And ending people

Fragile people

Feeble People

End us all

We evil people

We sinners

We blasphemers

Who pray

To Satan

That he smite



Wipe us away

From this

The pain

And suffering

We must endure

For eternity

The screaming chaos

But there it is

In the place

Where I left it

In the black

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