A Species Braided

Millennia have eroded the once great giants of prehistory into watered down effigies of what their ancestors once were.
While time transformed the lands, the climates, and the creatures into museum pieces, we have pulled one another through.
Through the murky uncertainty that both is and is not, our shared experience called life
We have grown together, evolved together, survived together.
A symbiotic expression; an oxytocin-addiction; a man and his best-friend
We trust them with our homes, our property, our lives, our children’s lives
We raise them, feed them, teach them, befriend them, and love them.
We communicate across a gap greater than mere language, but a gap between species
Effectively relaying messages in ways we aren’t even mindful of,
Through means we are only just now beginning to break the surface of
When they look at you with their big eyes and you see through the thousands of years that have braided us to our best friends
You know that they too are looking through the foggy glass of the ages since the day, that they met their best friend, too.

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