Feminist Tree

I hear the chirping of feeble arguments
Backed by social intimidation and lies
Turning the tables, so quick to cry offense
Anecdotal evidence, that is all they offer
Poor frightened warrior, who can’t take the heat
But won’t go in the kitchen, not even for herself
Because she is disadvantaged, underprivileged,
Oppressed, a carrion on the hunt for flesh
Just like not every XX wants to be a CEO
But would rather raise their children instead,
XY cannot be lump summed and attacked
When most of us are not your enemy
Yet we are objectified and subjugated
By the same oppressive banner you raise
The flag which you claim makes you victim
The flag which you stake your claim over us
It seems to me, quite honestly,
that from your loins, our children spring
Yet you speak of the oppressive patriarchy
But only up until quite recently
Have men been present from work to be there,
physically, emotionally, paternally, influentially
So the kids have learned what, from who, specifically?
The pyramid is built from your maternal base
Physically, emotionally, maternally, influentially
Instead of pointing at the XY and blaming their absence
I can hear the outcry now, because I dared
To attack the ivory tower from which you draw power
And feed the fruits of patriarchal society
The seeds are sown against your own ends
Thus are the thorned roots of the feminist tree.

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