The Edge of the World

A book is a sailboat
A majestic schooner, white sails plumed gallantly in the wind, racing to plunge off the edge of the world
Fresh sea air invigorates, mist in the breeze. Fear and excitement etch into the back of your throat, making a taste of pennies and mothballs. You wait to hear the captain shout the words, the warning before the brink, but you remember, a start running up your spine, you are the captain at the helm, the fingertips at the page corners
You see the wild blue yonder and suddenly taste strawberries, farm fresh and fragrant.
The world is much bigger than just your little state of Michigan, your thin city of Saginaw, much wilder and friendlier than your best friend Clarice.
You see your boots are quaking below you, but you don’t know why. You are brave. There is nothing to fear.
You will meet people who hurt you, betray you, confuse and frustrate you.
You can’t get this kind of experience just browsing through memes.
When you greet people, they will smile and greet you back, and perhaps ask to take a selfie with you. You will find the world friendlier than you imagined. You can let your guard down. You will be fine.
Your name will be in their mouths, just as yours is in theirs.
You may panic at the last moment, and reach out for something to hold onto and prevent the spilling over.
If you do this, all will be lost.
Your hands will bare the scars, and will turn or be turned against you.
Be brave and open your heart to the brilliance.
Give the word, captain, raise anchor,  and plunge.

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