Prompt Seven (7): Season of the Spirit [Hour 7]

Season of the Spirit

Found her, at last …

What happens now?

It moves so fast…

Will life allow?

What can I see?

I know who I am…

I am free to be!

I give a damn;

I found the key…

To be the who…

And that is me!

I am the very one;

The moon, the stars

… and the blazing sun!

In this knowing,

I create…

My heart is glowing;

And I relate…

The spirit of my soul,

You, too, now will know…

The only goal …

is to realize

…to grow.

God is your inside,

Where the thought,

..and Christ reside.

Religion can rot,

for those who need control.

My freedom was sought!

I am the power,

No doubt…

in this hour,

No need to shout!

Come with me,

I clear the air,

for them to see…

It’s all there!

The season of the spirit!

The season of me!


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