Ritual For Happiness (Prompt #12)

Moon above me so high,
Hear me speak, hear me cry!
The Universe shares it glory!
And I seek a happier story.

A canopy of flowers in my head,
As I softly lie in my bed,
I see myself at a peaceful lake
A longing to reveal, a life to make!

Spare me pain and loss…
Wash my feet in cleansing moss.
Manifest my deepest yearning!
And keep my mind always learning.

6 thoughts on “Ritual For Happiness (Prompt #12)

  1. I agree that the words and feeling are bouyant and affirming.

    I am looking at the rhythm of the lines and find they do not all match and flow equally
    A canopy of flowers in my head,
    As I softly lie in my bed, both are good but do not match. Perhaps I do not understand

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