Hour Eleven: My Favorite Pokemon, Mew

Author’s Note: Yeah…I’m too addicted to the music I’m listening to do the Hour Eleven Prompt, so I’m going to do something that’s similar to one of the later prompts, except I’m not going to talk in the point of view of a well known character. I’m going to talk about a well known character, and that is Mew from Pokémon. She is my favorite character. In case you want to know about the music I’m listening to, that goes along with the theme, it’s In The Water by GAWVI and Closer by GAWVI. 🙂


from the moment I saw you,

I smiled.

Your beauty,

from the inside out,

makes all the other Pokémon pale in comparison

to you,

even that popular Pikachu.


But Pikachu has soulless eyes

whereas yours have soul to them.

There’s a reason why you are so rare,

and that is why.


Despite your short appearance in Pokémon,

you have left a special place in my heart.

In you,

there is eternal joy.


From the bottom of my heart,

I thank you for being a part of my life.

You are forever missed.

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