Starlight (2017)

They were the mountains
Immovable, looming above
Looking down on us
Telling us we could not
Telling us we weren’t enough
But we traversed the trails
Climbed the rocks and cliffs
Over the top, and down the other side
Then moved along
Until they were nowhere in sight

They were the blazing sun
Beating down upon us
Burning with it’s touch
Demanding to be seen
Demanding to be heard
But we found refuge in the shadow
Of a tall, old tree
Laughing the day away
Watching the sun as it set
Leaving us to the night

They were the night
Casting darkness upon our world
Shadows to hide us
Fear to consume us
To tear us apart
But our dreams were the moonlight
Banishing the darkness
Our hopes embedded in it’s pure white glow
And we
We were starlight

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