Hour Six, Prompt Seven – Breaking Free

Image courtesy of EliasSch of Pixabay


For the umpteeth time I try

to feel my way out of this hell;

this box where I can hardly breathe or move…

And for the umptheenth time

I feel nothing;

there’s no way out;

I have effectively been shut in

and I’m stuck…

When ever will this hold be lifted?

When ever will I be rid of of this force

that will not release me…?


Emotionally depleted, I

look inward once again

and send a message

to nobody in particular…

I need help. Please rescue me.”


A sudden force wells up from deep inside me

and in one last attempt,

I break free, float up and up

and reach the light at the top of the box.

I’m free!” I yell over and over…


Realization dawns upon me

that I am free because I broke free;

that all I needed was my own strength

to conquer the giant that wouldn’t release me


Antoinette Leroux © 2019

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