Magnificence Incarnate 15/24

Magnificence Incarnate2

(I wrote this to someone special)

In your manner of walking and
In your way of talking
With stars in your eyes –
You’re Magnificence Incarnate…

Whether dancing to a Samba
Or a soft romantic Rumba
When you Glide across the floor –
You’re Magnificence Incarnate…

Whether forceful like a Canine
Or stealthy like a Feline
When you move it spells
Magnificence Incarnate…

You are noble and so gentle
Your middle name could be Yentl
You’re pure Aristocrat –
Magnificence Incarnate…

I’ll always stand by my notion
That you’re poetry in motion
You’re my baby –
You’re Magnificence Incarnate…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux
(The name Yentl is a Yiddish name meaning “Aristocrat” or “Noble Person”)

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