We Need Rest… 8/24

We need to come to a place
Where we would be able
To realize the importance
Of being human…

We need the assurance that –
No Matter what –
We will not lose our dignity
Because we are human…

We need to understand
That we need each other,
And also the animals,
And also the plants…

We need to link these all together
And begin to reverse the effect
Of carbon footprints
On this planet we that call “home”

And most of all…

We need to come to a point
Where we know for sure
That we need God
So that we can rest…

And last, but not least,
We need His Grace…
And we need His true rest
That only His Grace can bring…

Yes we, like all else,
Need rest…

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux







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