The world has turned upside down.

Social distancing is the new norm.

It takes some getting use to, this life in lockdown.

in all its unique form.


My profession, I conduct over social media.

Zoom meetings, telephone consultations are all virtual.

To make it work, finding a new way, a new idea.

Is this going to be the new perpetual?


No restaurants and no eating out!

No cinema, no sports and no social gathering!

Always a mask on my face if I am out and about

Always washing hands and sanitizing!


But Wait!  Social distancing has some positive privilege.

My home is my new office, hence no traffic.

More time to spend with my family, an added advantage

No longer in a rat race, rushing here and there to make quick.

This new norm, I can get use to,

since, staying at home, circumvents, ├žontracting the corona flu!

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