Hour 1 (Prompt – Earth, Water, Fire and Wind) – Birth

in the delivery room,
my heartbeat goes up, and then down,
in pain, yet I smile,
in few seconds, blossoms a new life.
I hold you in my arms,
and embrace you tightly to my heart,
sometimes, I see you in the moonlight,
at times – in the sunlight.
I kiss your little feet,
rub my cheek against your cheek,
I ask myself, endless times,
whether you really look like me?
you keeping looking at me,
hold my finger in your fist,
and lick my lips – now and then,
maybe that’s the birth of new life!

PS: Life or human body’s existence is due these four elements – earth, water, fire and wind. Birth defines the existence and significance of these elements. My poem aims to highlight the birth of a new life!!

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