Poke poke

Stick and stones

Shake shake

My still shoulder

Pull pull

Hair, clothes

But I stir not

To live is to move

To not is to cease


Sickly sweet odor

Rotting flesh

My flesh is perfect

My skin flawless

Not white, but alright.

But what rots?


Here is a secret

Hush! Hush!

Swear, oh swear on Styx

The oath unbroken.

I poisoned her

A maiden lush

A rosette rose flower

I plead guilty

Milord, Milady

I safely stowed

Her lifeless corpse

Away away in a dark place.


Here is a secret

Hush! Hush!

She resides within

The primitive prison

Look ye,

My perfect skin

My perfect bones

Tis her that reeks

Sickly sweet

Tis her

Who’s cold, bloodless






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